We make proposals for events with expected visitors ranging from 20 to 350
according to customer’s budget and request.

Party Catering

We also offer proposals of menu and coordination according to intentions of the parties and requests ranging from delivery of prepared foods costing around 3,000 yen a person to dishes for VIPs costing around 10,000 yen a person. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of your requests.


A variety of lunch boxes are available according to your needs. Please enjoy dishes of the season incorporated with foodstuffs in each season as well as the food arrangement which is rich and beautiful to the eyes too. Arrangement of menu is also available depending on your requests.

Drink service/Snack

It is possible for you to freely select kinds of drinks and the way to serve them including a full-service style in which specialized staff members are arranged to serve according to the progress of your party and a self-service style. We also offer light meals to be taken during an interval of the event.


Customers of the available desired content, please feel free to contact us by phone · E-mail.

weekday 9:00〜18:00

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